Remote Assitance error - A program could not start

Just recently my offer remote assistance has stopped working. It also appears I get the same error when opening a remote asst. request. I can go offer remote assistance, enter the pc name, it will resolve the user, I click start remote assistance and i immediately get the error in a pop up box "A program could not start, please try again". I did notice that "remote desktop help session manager" service was set to manual. I started it but the result was the same. The only thing I can remember doing was installing some windows updates. About 5 of them I think. If I go to uninstall the updates, I get the gloom and doom message telling me of all the programs I will probably break. So I did not uninstall them. I have all the PC's opened for this as well as all the firewall configs for it pushed out through GP. I know it must be my machine because it works from other machines.
Lan/Wan-XP SP2 Desktops-Win 2000 domain
I have no issues with Connecting RDP to a server with MSTSC
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SysExpertConnect With a Mentor Commented:
1) Try doing an

sfc/ scannow
with your OS CD handy, or in the worst case, you may need to do a repair install

Aid and FAQ in addition to tips and tweaks
Click on How To Repair Windows XP by Reinstalling , repair install

also see,3428,a=23979,00.asp
What was the last updates you installed?
johnpittAuthor Commented:
Latest updates:
I believe that the Remote Assistance service depends on Terminal Services. If this service is disabled then this could be a cause of your problems.

The service also uses the Windows Messenger. If this is disabled then you will also have problems.

A good starting point for resolving RA issues is by looking at this article:

This may help you find the cause of your problem.

johnpittAuthor Commented:
Not as easy of a solution as I had hoped for but the repair install did fix the issue. Now I will install updates and see where the thing breaks. If it does that is.
Thanks for everyones help.
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