Lotus Notes inbox does not refresh

one of my Lotus Notes clients (7.0.2) have a problem with auto-refresh and as a result, his auto-notify popup doesn't work.
I tried both the popup checkbox at the User Prefrences menu and Notes Minder.
when he get new email he can't see it unless he press F9.
refresh is set to 1 minute but not working
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1) Check that his location doc is pointing to the server and the mail file names is correct.

2) maybe an issue with the mail sequence number in the notes.ini.

Set it to 0.

I hope this helps !
chukuAuthor Commented:
checked the location doc and changed the server name - just to be on the safe side but it's still not refreshing
only one user have this problem so I see no reason changing anything on the server level
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Nothing needs to be canged on teh server.

Notes.ini on local client.

Also, close and restart client after making changes in location or notes.ini




Try deleting reference to NewMailSeqNum in the Notes.ini file.  Close and restart the client.   Mine works, but only AFTER I refresh the inbox. :)  In which case, I don't need the popup.

I hope this helps !
brwwigginsIT ManagerCommented:
Are they actually looking at their mail database? or are they looking at the welcome page and expecting that to refresh? Also, did they set their inbox as the default welcome page.

I've run into problems with people expecting the inbox view of their customized welcome page to refresh but it is not designed to do that.
chukuAuthor Commented:
he is looking at the mail database
I managed to get it work when both the new mail popup & Notes minder are on, he gets 2 popups per mail
for some reason it won't work unless both are on...
so now we're at 2 or nothing
Forced accept.

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