Ghost 2003 - External USB Drive Not Seen in WIN XP Pro

I have a problem creating a CD Boot Disc in a "floppyless" new model Dell laptop.

I want to create a BOOT disc with Ghost 2003 to image my USB drives.

I have made literally dozens of attempted Boot discs but my External USB drive is not seen.

I tried some suggestions on this site by downloading floppy master and copying my desktop pc files off a 1.44 floppy that does access my USB drives and converting the files on the floppy to RAW files and then burning a BOOT disc in Easy Media Creator 10.  I booted in just fine, but the floppy while it can be seen as a SOURCE drive is INVISIBLE as a DESTINATION drive.

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You must run Ghost Disk Wizard to create the Ghost boot Floppy with USE support added in. The boot system with USB Floppy inserted, attaching your usb strage drive and start cloning.
Are you trying to image from the network or local media?  If you are trying to do this over the network, there is a great solution out there from which you can then point to the ghost 2003.exe file.  This can be made into a bootable CD/DVD image.

Per your question, I am slightly confused as to what you are trying to accomplish.  Are you trying to create images of your USB drives or use the USB drive as a boot disk for computer systems?
Forced accept.

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