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Stop that script from running group policy logon script

I used Group policy to temporarely assign a login scrip on all my domain users.  The need for this login scrip to function is no longer valid so I assigned the policy to a different smaller security group in my AD and changed the login script to run a different task.  The problem is that the original script keeeps running on all domain users.  HOw can I stop that script from running? I even removed the script from the Netlogon folder in my DCs.
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A number of ways spring to mind ...

1. Delete the GPO if it contains no other settings
2. Remove the script from the GPO
3. Deny users access to the script via NTFS ACLs or AD ACLs
4. Remove the GPO's link to the OU/domain (or site)

i am intrigued that it applies even once removed fro the netlogon share - has it been removed from all servers? FRS may not have done its job properly at this stage...rare to see a script run that no longer exists
It is also possible the the actual script file is in the file structure for the GPO not the Netlogon share.  Go into the GPO and see where the script is being stored.  MSE-dwells has all the right options to prevent it from running, heed his advice.
stylmarkAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your observations/sugestions MSE-dwells, i did not want to delete the gpo, but after a couple of days of that recurring script I got tired and deleted the gpo. SO now is gone.

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