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correct way of setting java classpath in Perl script before java program is called

I have a Perl script that calls a Java program, but I am not setting the classpath correctly within Perl, and I need to do so to get this working.  Here is my script:


use POSIX 'sys_wait_h', 'strftime';
use constant JAVA_CLASS => '/nethome/gerdesk/scripts/java/RunSystemCommand';

my $command =  $ENV{'JAVA_HOME'}
               . ( $ENV{'JAVA_HOME'} =~ m#/$# ? '' : '/' )
               . 'bin/java -classpath "/nethome/gerdesk/scripts/java" '
               . +JAVA_CLASS . ' ';

my $file = '/nethome/gerdesk/scripts/logs/javawrapper.log';

print "Java command = $command\n";

open( EXPORTER, "|$command 2>$file" ) or die "Cannot start java command: $!";
#while (defined( my $output = <EXPORTER> )) {
#  $broker->getUI()->traceInfo( $output );
close( EXPORTER ) or warn $! ? "Error closing java command pipe: $!"
                   : "Exit status $? from java command";
if (WEXITSTATUS($?)) {
   open( ERRFILE, $file );
   my $errors = join ("", <ERRFILE>);
   die "Unable to run java command: $errors";
   close( ERRFILE );
} else {
   print "Java command $command executed successfully!\n";

The error I get is this, and I know it is because of the classpath:

Java command = /usr/local/java/bin/java -classpath "/nethome/gerdesk/scripts/java" /nethome/gerdesk/scripts/java/RunSystemCommand
Exit status 256 from java command at javawrapper.pl line 19.
Unable to run java command: Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: /nethome/gerdesk/scripts/java/RunSystemCommand

How do I set the classpath correctly in the Perl wrapper script before the java command is called?
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/usr/local/java/bin/java -classpath "/nethome/gerdesk/scripts/java"  RunSystemCommand
You would of course do that by changing your constant to

use constant JAVA_CLASS => 'RunSystemCommand';
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