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I want some simple GLSL shader to apply Bloom effect on a rendered-texture

Hi experts,

I'm working on a game engine, and want to add to it a very simple Bloom effect, i don't want to use framebuffers, but want to use fragment shaders that apply on rendered-texture.

i need some GLSL shader to apply on a texture for doing bloom effect on it.
Hamed Zaghaghi
Hamed Zaghaghi
1 Solution
hi zaghaghi,

at that page is a link to an example with some shaders, doing what you want:


the code is here, look at watertest/shaders/bloomx.frag & bloomy.frag:


Hamed ZaghaghiAuthor Commented:
tnx ikework, but the fragment shader there was for specific purpose , and does not work on a simple texture.
Bloom effects dont have a standard implemnetation. The simplest way would be to apply a high pass filter to the final rendered image followed by a sum of gaussian blur+reduce operation on this. Then just blend this image with your orignal final image. But this will give bad results as it a very simple model. You would need a render to texture if you dont want to use framebuffers. But I think you should go ahead with framebuffers as they are the future.
In games every material has a bloom property. When rendering the scene, a separate bloom image is create which store which pixels need to be bloomed. this gives better results.You also need to apply tone mapping

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