Messages Lost Between Outlook and Exchange

I have a situation where a client, using Exchange-integrated Outlook (2003) is sending out messages; both new messages and replies.  The messages appear in her Sent Items folder, but are not appearing in the Message Tracking Center in Exchange.  Of course, they're not getting delivered to the intended recipient(s), either.  Does anybody know where the black hole is?
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EFernandesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Now that you mention CSM, I had a similar experience a couple of years ago with OfficeScan... Sorry to say that I can't really recall what the issue was exactly but did you tried to disable CSM?
Do the TM services start correctly?
Is the Exchange being used to relay the messages or the client is connectind directly to an external SMTP server?
The data file of the mailbox is the Exchange mailbox or is the client using a pst file (this would explain the Message Tracking behavior)?
You should also check the SMTP queues: Open the Exchange System manage, expand "servers", expand "your server" and select Queues - check if there are messages waiting on line. If there are, you can restart IIS or right-click the queue and select "force connection".
Wizard_MicrosystemsAuthor Commented:
The Outlook installations are setup as Exchange clients, so yes, Exchange is relaying the mesasges and no, there is no external SMTP server.  Our users don't even use Personal Folders, so there are no .pst files on their local systems.  I believe if you were to look, however, there would be those Office Data Files, or .ost, present in their profiles.  I haven't bothered to check that at this point.  Doesn't matter.

I have already checked the queues in System Manager and they are all clear.  I have queried through the Message Tracking Center as well and do not see any items showing the message even reached the Exchange server.  Yet, they're in the Sent Items folder in the Outlook client.

I am looking into our antivirus/spam product, Trend Micro Client Server Messaging [CSM].  I am trying to determine where CSM hooks in to the message path, but although TM's support engineers are sharp, this one seems to be something they don't understand.  Their response is that CSM doesn't block, for SPAM purposes, outgoing messages.  Outgoing messages are only screened for viruses and there are no quarantined items to be found.  Well, enough for now.  Thanks again in advance...
Wizard_MicrosystemsAuthor Commented:
There is something in the message flow that Trend Micro is grabbing and/or redirecting.  I suppose that's what it's supposed to do.  I wish TM's support group could assist me a little more with some SOLID answers, not just "maybe"s and "I suppose"s.  When they don't know, then I have to do the work to either prove or disprove their hunch.  I am to the point where I believe I know more than their support team knows.  Maybe it's time to talk to the development group.  Anyhow, to get back on topic, the TM services are starting correctly and things seem to be functioning as they should, and I say that last part loosely.  I don't know how to disable CSM services, only un-install them (which would require server restarts and is quite the disruption) and so is not really "allowed" in our environment.  I continue to push in the direction that I have been -- message flow through Outlook-Trend Micro CSM-Exchange.  Thank you and have some points, EF.
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