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I cannot open any browser on my machine. I cannot even enter ctrl - alt - delete. Any ideas how to fix?

When I click on any browser, or even try to see the tasks manager I cannot get in.

The error I receive is: There is not enough free memory to run this program.  Quit one or more programs, and then try again.

When I shut down, and restart, I have not started any applications, I still get the above message when I try to open up my browser.  It does this strange thing.   The icon disappears, and only the text shows when I click on a short cut.

Any suggestions on how to fix.  I cannot even go in and see the task manager to kill the program that is running.

Windows 2003 Server
5 Solutions
Can you do anything after booting into safe mode?  Sound like you a program is using up all of the memory on the system at startup.  Booting to safe mode may give you a look into that.  You may have the virtual memory settings wrong on the system.

How much ram is in the system and what programs are running on the server.  BTW w2003 doesn't do much surfing as most things are blocked by default for security reasons.
One thing you may want to try, is to boot from your Windows CD, go to the repair with command prompt.
Once in there, type
then type
delete pagefile.sys
then reboot the computer. Windows will recreate the pagefile.sys that you deleted.
I've seen where the pagefile gets corrupted and reports memory errors.
Hope that helps you out.
First off I would head over to www.trendmicro.com and click the HouseCall link.

Allow that to run and remove any infected files found.  Also check in the Control Panel, Add/Remove programs and uninstall ANY software you do not recall installing.
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boot under safemode with networking, and try to launch any browser from there; same error?
swansonplaceAuthor Commented:
Thank you so much.  I will give all of these a try.
PLease let us know what works.  It helps everyone in the long run.
swansonplaceAuthor Commented:
Just to let you know what I did, and what occurred.  I am on Window 2003 Enterprise Edition.  All browsers were not responding.  Before the system had time to boot up, I went into Dos and deleted temporary files that I did not need.  I tried the browsers again, but this time I was able to move around the system a little more.  When the browsers did not work, I went into the task manager which I now had access to, when previously I could not do this, and I killed any jobs that looked funny.  When I went into the browser, it worked.  

If you are still monitoring this discussion,  are you aware of the boot up file for OS Window 2003 Server Enterprise Edition.  I need to make sure that particular exe do not run.  Is there any other place on boot up that can kick of an executable besides the boot up file?  If so what is the path and name of the file.  

At this point, I am just looking to stop the exe from running that is eating up my system.  I can manually kill it so I have my system back.

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