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BackupExec 11d cannot backup local server drives

Last Modified: 2013-12-01
I had two physical servers and my plan was to consolidate into one.  I had BackupExec 11.0d  running on both servers and each server was a domain controlle for a different forest.  Each server was running Windows 2003 Server Enterprise Edition R2 64-bit with the appropriate 64-bit version of BE installed.  Though there was a trust between the two forests each server only backed up its own resources on its own hardware.  Everything was working fine and jobs were created to backup the file system through the administrative shares.

Recently I decided to consolidate to one piece of hardware, trash one domain and virtualize a second server on one single piece of hardware.  When I did this I removed the physical disks from the decommissioned server and put them in the case with the other running server.  These were all indivdual disks and there was no software or hardware RAID involved.  The disks are all usable and those with admin or appropriately assigned permissions have no issues accessing the contents for read/write operations.  The virtual server on the single piece of hardware is a 2nd DC for the one domain and has the Backup Exec remote agent installed running within VMWare and running Windows 2003 Enterprise Edition R2 32-bit.  At this point I can configure backup jobs to backup the virtual server through the BE remote agent and the backups run flawlessly however if I create a job to backup any of the drives for the host system by using the appropriate hidden admin share, the backup runs for about 5-6 minutes going through the queued and pre-processing status changes eventually terminating the job as completed with approximately 360 bytes backed up.

I have no problems creating the selection lists accessing the local drives in the GUI selection list window however if I try to test the credentials in the selection list window, the test takes about 5 minutes and eventually completes as successful.  When I created the selection list for the virtual server the test is immediately successful.

I have tried creating my own share at the top level of the physical disk and granted access to the BE service account which is a member of every admin group possible as well as the Backup Operators group and I get the same results, even when testing the credentials in the backup selection list window.  I can log in with the BE service account on a workstation in the domain and access the admin shares remotely with no problems.

Basically I cannot backup the local system at all.  This is the only task, service, routine, whatever you want to call it that is not functioning after moving the disks.

How can I get this working again?
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do you get any errors in the backup exec log?

Run a backup using NT Backup to the same disks and see if that works good.
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Is it possible that something is holding the file open, so that it can not be backed up ?

I hope this helps !


well it would have to be holding 200GB open because it doesn't back up anything on the disk, says it backs up about 300 bytes and then has the audacity to say the job was completed successfully.  A long way off with that status in my opinion.


I'll check on the NT backup and the BackupExec log but I believe the last time I looked at the log, it simply said job completed.  The same thing happens if I set up a B2D folder on another drive and use it as a device rather than one of the tape loaders.


The backup exec log shows the following in the backup set summary category...

Backed up 0 files in 1 directory
Processed 4,288 bytes in 37 seconds
Throughput rate:  0.007 MB/min

This backup set may not contain any data

The job completion status category shows "Successful"


NT backup fails as well if I try doing a simple backup of one disk to a backup file on another disk.  The error message is catastropic failure.  An event is written in the application log with an ID of 8019 referring to the error in the ntbackup log file.

Volume shadow copy createion: Attempt 1.
Error returned while creating the volume shadow copy: 0x8000ffff
Error returned while creating the volume shadow copy:Catastrophic failure
Aborting Backup

The operation did not successfully complete
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well I'm going to try an SP2 install.  It seems like there is some form of security failure or something that is causing this as if the drive cannot be mounted.  My BackupExec jobs aren't using VSC at all as backing up open files doesn't matter to me at this point.


well though your recommendation wasn't the one I applied exactly, the upgrade to SP2, which likely included that hotfix, did solve the problem...after I got past the nagging blue-screens after the service pack.

ADVICE TO THOSE WHO WISH TO INSTALL SP2, consider removing your 3rd party video driver before the install as I experienced a lot of what I read regarding blue screens due to the video driver after the SP2 upgrade.

Thanks santhoshu for the advice.
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