Tivoli TDP for Exchange Point-In-Time Restore

Using Tivoli Storage Manager with the TDP for Exchange add-on I'm running LEGACY backups daily with TDP for Exchange version 5.3.3.

Documentation claims that the legacy backup method supports a point-in-time restore but I cannot find where you can do this in either the GUI or via the command-line.  I need to restore one mailbox store to the recovery storage group on my Exchange 2003 active/passive cluster and I'd like to restore from a couple of days ago...not the recent backup from last night.

Any help would be appreciated.

Dave Durand
Phoenix, Arizona
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mfc-itConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi Dave, just came across this while looking for something else... might be a too late but will post anyway.

What are your copy group settings for the policy domain that the Exchange cluster node is in; are you retaining enough inactive copies to perform the PIT restore?
Are you peforming any incr backups; how often do you do a full db backup? Assuming the TSM environment is configured correctly to meet your restore requirements then;

Start the TDP GUI from your active node, specifying the clusternode name that's used to backup your Exchange databases i.e. "E:\Program Files\Tivoli\TSM\TDPExchange\tdpexc.exe" /excserver=mailcluster1

On the Restore Tab select the Show All Objects option and tick Auto Select.
Tick Run Recovery and select Replay Restored Logs Only, untick mountdatabase

From the tree window on the left expand the server and click on the mail store that contains the mailbox you want to restore. This will display the active and all inactive backups according to your copygroup settings. Look at the dates and select the last inc that would contain the email(s) you need to restore. As autoselect is ticked you will see that any previous incs since that last full backup are selected, as well the required full db backup.

At this stage, assuming you've prepared the Recovery Storage Group using ESM and allowed the restore db to be overwritten click restore. Verify all data restored correctly and mount the recovered mailstore. Now, use Exmerge to extract the users mailbox to a pst and recover the deleted mails according to your PIT requirements.

Hope this helps if not too late. Ryan.
ModernAgeAuthor Commented:
let me see if this gets me going in the right direction

ModernAgeAuthor Commented:
looks like that did the trick! :-)  I think the mistake I was making was not "Showing All Objects"  I'll give this a go but I definitely think you provided the correct solution in this case.  Thanks for chiming in.
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