Vista, slow to copy files

Hi,  I  am in the process of copying some files from a vista pc to a usb2 flash drive, the size of the data is 55mb and the time it is taking is approx 25mins.    Whats the point of having a fast, well spec'd pc with heaps of ram and fast hdd and you get performance like this.  This is rediculous.  Is there a fix for this yet?
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Ric TuteroCommented:
i hope this performance & reliability update resolves this:

these may also be worth trying

Have you installed updates, btw?

i did have the same problem but was eventually resolved after a few automatic updates... still not sure if the ones above were the ones that fixed the issue but i found that they were already installed on my rig by the time i noticed the change in performance.
I hope this artcle helps explain it better.

USB flash drives arent' going to compare with data transfer rates of hard drives.
richrdh18Author Commented:
Hi, apologies for no getting back to this sooner.  I had applied all the updates etc, but still no real improvement with the transfer of files whether it be from hdd to hdd or hdd to usb drive.  Maybe one day vista will sort itself out.  Live and hope..
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