Gmail on windows - want to delete the memory of my name and password

Hi All,

I see that Gmail on Windows on some PCs I work with seems to remember my user name and password once I type in the first letter of my user name. How can I delete this memory of my name and password?


- avi
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Assuming you are using internet explorer...

Go to tools/internet options / content tab / auto complete settings and then select the options you want to have for autocomplete.  You probably have it set to remember username/passwords or forms.

To delete stored passwords and data go to the general tab / browsing history - delete button and select what you want to delete.


Greetings progtw !

You can simple hightlight the name and hit Delete key.

Hope this helps, war1
If you use Firefox, open Firefox, go to Tools - Clear Private Data - check everything- click Clear Private Data Now
progtwAuthor Commented:
Yes, I am using IE.

To DPAIT: Yes, that's it. Thanks!

To war1: That's a nice trick to know. But IE will still rememebr my password next time. Thanks, anyway.

jvuz: Also good to know. Thanks.
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