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Backup & syncing data- the simplest way!

Last Modified: 2010-04-03
I was just wondering what program or combinations of programs you all use to keep your data backed up and synced between computers.

It seems to me that even just having a main computer and external drive can be confusing.

 For instance I keep some files on my backup drive because I don't want them on my C drive. Maybe that is my undoing, but I just want something that can keep them all synced. I don't really like synctoy. In addition I have a thumb drive that I just backup manually.

I'm currently using Cobian backup to just backup my data from the C drive and it seems ok.

Any suggestions much appreciated.

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The free Microsoft Synctoy does a pretty good job. You can sync machine to machine, machine to ext HD, i even sync my thumb drive. Also support multiple types of synch (2-way, 1-way, etc.).


Ok, question about synctoy.

I want to copy a folder which has pictures in it from my c drive desktop to the g drive. It does it fine, but when I open up the G drive the pictures are copied, but there is no folder copied.

Do you know what I did wrong?
Yes you will need to create the destination folder one time than choose that when you create a new sync pair. THe folder could be the same or different up to you.


Ok, got it.

So the best way then would be to do a complete backup with cobian, then as my files change on the C drive just use synctoy to keep the G drive updated. Correct?
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