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ADSL connection issue is driving me nuts.

I need some sound advice about ADSL connection issues. I have two routers, an old Trendnet tew311brp and a Linksys wrt54gl, the Linksys is running factory firmware but maybe not for long. I have 3 modems I've run in both bridge and router modes using PPPoE (a Zyxel 660, Netopia 3314 and and old Westell Wirespeed which beleive it or not out-performs the other two hands down ).

The telco says my margins at the MPOE are good for 6Mb and I've run weatherized cat5 from the MPOE to the modem. But no matter what I do my connection seems to drop every 60 seconds or so, more frequently with high download traffic. Generally my download speed hangs around 4Mb with all three of my machines grinding away. Sometimes I lose DSL synch but not always; I lose synch most frequently with the Zyxel. I'm verifying the connection loss by running a batch file that pings my ISP's website address every ten seconds then logs the time/date if it times out. After a second defined interval it repeats the process.

The log file simply shows no connection usually about once every minute and more frequently if someone is hitting several P2P downloads pretty hard. I'm concerned that if I crab about this to my ISP they're simply going to downgrade my connection and that's the last thing I want. One thing for sure, it's not the routers or modems.

Does anyhone have any decent advice to offer or am I just blowing smoke here?

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Do you have filters on all of your phones or devices plugged into that line?
NozmokingAuthor Commented:
There is one phone with a filter. The Zyxel seems to be the most sensitive to losing synch if I connect something else to the line or use anything that utilizes RF near it. I'm only 6.000 feet from the CO but I just noticed overnight that we had rain for several hours and from 3am - 6am I didn't log any connection drops. Certainly  it could be a coincidince but I might be in for a long fight with the ISP is the line is at fault.

Thats for sure.  You may want to make sure they have removed all the bridge taps between you and the CO.  Also you may ask them to move to another pair coming into your location.
Forced accept.

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