Re Edit text in existing Flash document

Hi All.
I have a flash document with some text and animations.
I would like to reedit the text and thei link to specific html pages, but I have no clue as new to flash.
I has one single layer from what I can see.
I have Flash 8 installed in my computer.

can someone give a step by step help
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the general way to edit text is to double click on the text, it should become ditable
if its inside another movie, you will enter in the movie upon double clicking, and then you have to double clicking once more on the text to edit it

for hyperlinks, select the object(button) where the hyperlink is attached and hit F9 to launch Actionscript
you should see the hyperlink script already attached with the object, just change the hyperlink address and that's all

make sure the layer is unlocked before making the above changes :)
Open Library(Ctrl+L), double click the symbol you want to edit

Ctrl+T to open Toolbar
if you're struggling with any of those steps, you might want to upload your flash file somewhere so that the community members can have a look and give specific assistance.
evry2004Author Commented:
that's the link for the file :
evry2004Author Commented:
the radio name diasfm
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