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Dirty Lowdown on 2007

What is the lowdown on Exchange 2007? Is it only for 64 bit architecture? I called my vendor Ingram and they offered me either 64 or 32 bit? I was under the impression you had to have 64?
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That was originially the plan by MS, and the story they've stuck to for a long time.  It seems as though recently they've changed their tune a bit and offered a version that will run on 32-bit systems.  While 32-bit is availabale, even with additional hardware costs and possible OS licensing costs, I'd suggest going with the 64-bit version.  If you're in a larger sized environment you'll definitely get better performance.

Here's a link to the MS system requirements page for Exchange 2007:  http://www.microsoft.com/technet/prodtechnol/exchange/2007/evaluate/sysreqs.mspx
OK - well I've turned up a bit more info, no wonder this is such a confusing topic.  It looks like you need an x64 processor, but can use a 32-bit OS on it and run Exchange 2007.  However, MS will not support Exchange 2007 on an x86 processor.  That little gem can be found here:  http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa996719.aspx

So, to answer your question....you have to use 64-bit hardware, but it looks like you can run Exchange 2007 on either a 64-bit or a 32-bit OS.  The real question is, for a mail server, if you already have to buy 64-bit hardware, why bother with a 32-bit OS when it's just as easy to go full 64-bit and get all the benifits.
Does anyone have any info on MS offering a 32-bit version for purchase? Its my understanding that they are'nt and you can only use 32-bit for testing, labs, etc and installing the management tools on a 32-bit desktop.

mhequipitMH IT DeptCommented:
Thats cool, I thought the only 32bit version was the trial that had to get us all sucked in :)  
The 32 bit version is TRIAL ONLY. If a vendor is offering you a 32 bit version then they should be told to go and read the notes.
32 bit is not supported and cannot be activated or have a license key entered. You also cannot get updates for the antispam version.
That has not changed, never will. You cannot buy a 32 bit version of Exchange 2007, you will not get a CD with the 32 bit version on it from Microsoft.

Furthermore as it is 64 bit only you will have to run it on a 64 bit OS.

This is all clearly stated on Microsoft's web site, the msexchangeteam blog and hasn't changed in almost two years.


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