Run-time error '62': Input past end of file error when trying to email from Application using SQL. 500 points!

We are running a SQL base application for our warehouse.  Its been running fine for years... The database is SQL 7.0  

Yesterday we started getting a Run-time '62': Input past end of file error.   This error only pops up when the application tries to email data.   We are able to add new data and run reports just fine.  

The server is located on a separate server in a different domain inside the same LAN.
Our mail server is Exchange 2007.

I'm not a database or programmer.. so please forgive me...  

From what I know... it seems to be a database issue and not a application issue.  I'm guessing this based on a old terminal server that is in the same domain as the SQL, I tried to run the application and I get the same results..  It connects to the DB just fine.. allows me to search and look around but crashes when I click on "Email"...

The way the email would work before is..  We put a order in..  click on Bill or Lading or Pick Sheet... it would genrate the form and then use the local email client.. (we run Outlook 2007) to email the reports.

I'm out of ideas on my end..   One would ask "why don't you call the developer?"  well they left us high and dry on this project about 3 years ago...  its about 80% complete and does what we need for the time being...

Thanks for your help.. hope I have given enough to start...  if not just let me know what you need...


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jaanthConnect With a Mentor Commented:

The error message you are describing is probably not coming from SQL 7.0, but some helper application the is being used to send mail. The error text you mention, would be more a VB error.

If nothing has changed in the environment, could the error be in the data you are trying to email? A invalid eof character in the middle of a text field somewhere?  

There are many ways that email could have been configured. I hate to say it but this type of problem is probably going to take some experience on site to look at configurations to resolve. Even though your developer is not available, you may want to locate someone local to you with Sql 7.0 experience. You may want to contact your local MS office for a list of local resources.

Sorry not to give you a solution.

Good Luck.
rreddellAuthor Commented:
Was quick in responding...  Send me in the right direction...  
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