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I have a domain name(a static IP associated) with some Linux, 2.6.21 Slackware servers. All servers are beyond the gateway/router and have 192.168* IP addresses. The router/gateway has the public IP and IP addresses for internal routing o internet sharing.

I have defined named.conf and zone files of BIND for the domains. For such a domain I own, say '', I would ike to have one of (192.168) servers, say, offering web pages if the user enters, say, in the address bar.

I have entered an A record in zone files of defining
srv1 (I am sure the format I entered is good..)
and it partially worked. Only internal users can access it. But not public audience.

Any pointer is greatly appreciated.


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If you plan to have the same server (DNS) serves both internal and external users (on the private and public networks), then you need to setup your DNS server to serve the private IP to your internal users, and the public IP (NATed) to the public users. This can be done through views.

Here a link for that
Chris DentPowerShell DeveloperCommented:

Is this intentionally a Private IP Address?


Have you made the changes specified above within the Public Domain?

If both are true then public access will be impossible. A public IP Address must be used.

Jan SpringerCommented:
And if you are using a public IP for this server, you need to update your registrar settings for that domain to identify the authoritative DNS servers.
Jan SpringerCommented:
Views are a piece of cake.  If you need to go in that direction, holler.  I've configured several servers with views.


Would you post your sample of your solution? This would help others visiting same question.


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