Problem using Cisco VPN to connect through a watchguard firewall

interesting little problem I am having with trying to use a Cisco VPN client to connect to a remote client through my WatchGuard X750e. Now, we have another client that we connect to the same way with the same basic configuration and works fine everytime using Cisco VPN client.

Any Thoughts??
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Sorry thats tcp 10000 - but I read that cisco can be configured for any port so you need to check the cisco device to be sure

Have you tried allowing protocol 47 (GRE) some vpn clients use that one too - there should be defaults filters for IPSEC (ESP / AH) and PPTP (GRE) try turning those on apparently there is an IPSEC passthru tickbox under VPN - that should be checked as well
I dont have a watchguard and have never used one - so Im not familiar with the interface - I would be fairly sure its related to the above protocols tho
Your probably going to need to allow GRE / AH or ESP through the watchguard - these are protocols often used by VPN clients

Think u need to allow protocol types 50/51 through (esp\ah) and udp 500/ udp 1000 or 4500 - depending on your setup
Theres lots of info in google about this - but its a bit all over the place - I am pretty sure that your problem is caused because the above protocols are not allowed through
I dont know alot about watchguard but in policy manger under VPN i think there is an option for ipsec passthru -that may help
I can post some links that may help if you like - but there not exact solutions to your problem

steadfaststeveAuthor Commented:
I have added a policy for the ipsec passthrough, I have also added a policy for Ipsec for ports UDP 4500, ESP, AH, UDP 500. The Cisco Client is not using port TCP 1000 I do not believe but, I still could add it to test it out.
steadfaststeveAuthor Commented:
I appreciate your help, I'll give that a try to see what I come out with.
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