How to automate some of these copy and paste tasks


I have a friend who is doing data entry.
He need to copy all the field data from Email (refer A below), then paste in a website sign up form (refer B below).
How can we automate the processes?
Example, one click in email, then it will copy all the field data, then another one click it will automatically fill up all the field in website form. We are not looking for 100% automated. But at least minimize the works.
I am totally noob in scripting nor programming.
But wondering is there a way we can do this.
I did came across a macro program in
But havent really look into it.

Do inform me if I have chosen the wrong categories..

A) Contents of the Email
First name : ABC
Last Name : ZXC
Email : what@hotmail
Country : UK

B) Website Sign up form
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The problem with macroexpress, is that it costs $$.  And if it doen't work for you, your out the money.

Try out "Autohotkey", it's FREE (GNU/GPL), yet powerful !  Its available at .

I have been using it for some months now to automate my order entry into my accounting package, and then the subsequent order processing into my virtual terminal.  It is saving me a ton of time.  I just hit the macro key combination, and away it goes (although I still have to have the text cursor in the correct fields/postion before doing that).

You can start out by just using the simple macro recorder (it's best to just use keystrokes instead of the mouse, more consistant then).  Then it looks like you'll probably have to modify the script a little by writing a few parsing routines (they have tons of pre-made functions/routines you can DL from their site).  Once your done testing your script, you can even compile it into a standalone runtime (just needs a DLL to run).

It's been extended quite a bit, from its original "macro recorder" purpose, as you can pretty much do a full fleged program with if you wanted to.  Very BASIC  like in language structure, so its easy to learn.  It runs on any 32bit windows machine.
assuming your mail is in a file named mbox and the data there is exactly as you described in A), then following might work:

awk -F: 'BEGIN{u=""}/First name/{f=$2}/Last Name/{l=$2}/Email/{e=$2}/Country/{c=$2;print "wget "u"&agree=on&_2_firstName="f"&_2_lastName="l"_2_state="c"&_2_emailAddress="e"&_2_emailAddressCfm="e}'  mbox |sh

# the awk command above should be one single line
# for testing you can omit the final |sh
Hi, I used a VBScript approach here:

which can also fill in text fields.  If you're using Outlook, that code can be adapted into a Macro, with the Microsoft Scripting Runtime added as a reference....and we can try to get the required text out of the email.....


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