IP address of client is different than in dns

I have a client machine that has an IP of when checking through ipconfig however in DNS on both server it says a ip on If you ping the ip by name ip it say its ping and then timeouts. :If you ping it ping fine. Any ideas. Thanks
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Chris DentPowerShell DeveloperCommented:

Hi there,

You're not really going with an overwhelming amount of detail in your question ;)

Presumably you allow Dynamic Updates in DNS? And an AD Domain? And assuming the client a Windows Client?

If so, run "ipconfig /registerdns" and see if you have DNSAPI errors in the event log.

If it's producing errors either delete the existing record from DNS and re-run registerdns, or check the Security on the record in DNS includes access for the Machine Account.

If you have continual problems with out of date records you should look into enabling Aging and Scavenging on the (presumably Windows) DNS Server.

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