HP Ultra Slim Desktops - bios password reset ???


We have a HP desktop machnie dc7600. with the bios password set. (some monkey forgot to record it)

Is there a way of resetting the CMOS or BIOS in anyway to remove this password?


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MarkConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There is the possibility that this model has an embedded security device, which makes this a bit harder to do.
If in fact the HP ProtectTools security is on this computer you are probably out of luck.
Here is the HP ProtecTools guide but I didn't find a workaround

If you don't have the HP ProtectTools then here is the excerpt for using the Jumper found on page B-2 of the troubleshooting guide

Resetting the Password Jumper
To disable the power-on or setup password features, or to clear the
power-on or setup passwords, complete the following steps:
1. Shut down the operating system properly, then turn off the
computer and any external devices, and disconnect the power
cord from the power outlet.
2. With the power cord disconnected, press the power button again
to drain the system of any residual power.
3. Remove the computer cover or access panel.
4. Locate the header and jumper.
 The password jumper is green so that it can be easily identified. For
assistance locating the password jumper and other system board
components, see the Illustrated Parts Map (IPM) for that particular
system. The IPM can be downloaded from www.hp.com/support.
5. Remove the jumper from pins 1 and 2. Place the jumper on either
pin 1 or 2, but not both, so that it does not get lost.
6. Replace the computer cover or access panel.
7. Reconnect the external equipment.
Troubleshooting Guide www.hp.com B3
Password Security and Resetting CMOS
8. Plug in the computer and turn on power. Allow the operating
system to start. This clears the current passwords and disables the
password features.
9. To establish new passwords, repeat steps 1 through 4, replace the
password jumper on pins 1 and 2, then repeat steps 6 through 8.
Establish the new passwords in Computer Setup. Refer to the
Computer Setup (F10) Utility Guide on the Documentation and
Diagnostics CD for Computer Setup instructions.
Yep. Press the CMOS reset button on the mobo.

Chris B
Fully - Unplug, hold the switch for 5 secs. Reboot.

Chris B
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chouckhamAuthor Commented:
I have tried that following your advice.
it reset the BIOS config but not the removal of the password

held down for 5 seconds - test failed
held down for 20 seconds - test failed

I noticed next to the cmos reset button there was a jumper named "PSWD" which is connected.

i removed the jumper, then tried the cmos button again. - no luck

Any ideas please?? :-)
just a guess - was there another pin next to the pswd jumper? if there was take the jumper from pins 1& 2 and put on pins 2 & 3, while doing this make sure you push the power button a few times to completely drain all power from the lappy.

chouckhamAuthor Commented:
you star!!!!

Reading is my passion, because it pays to read!!
Thanks for the points
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