Turbonote working one-way only (vpn)

Hi. We recently connected a remote site to our main office via VPN tunneling (using Linksys VPN router). Both networks sit behind ISA servers. The Main office is using isa 2000 server and remote site is using ISA 2006. We have yet to upgrade the main site. A program that we are using called "Turbonote" (turbonote.com)  is a sticky note program that you can send to networked computers (using ip addresses or computer names). The remote site can send notes to the  main site perfectly, but the main site cannot send notes over to the remote site. Main site is part of a domain while remote site is not. Both sites share files, ping each other perfectly. What could be the problem? Should i configure something in the isa servers? Would appreciate your thoughts.
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richy92Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Check for these port numbers "TurboNote's IANA registered ports of 39681and 34249)"
Should be open on both firewalls incomming and outgoing

I got the port numbers from the bottom of the page here
It sounds like their is a rule in ISA allowing incoming, but not outgoing ffor Turbonote. Don't really know the application, but my first point of call would be to check and compare the rules on both ISA boxes.
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