MPEG not opening in Internet Explorer - only prompting to Save/Cancel

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When clicking on videos on a webpage, WMV files seem to open by default just fine.  However, when I click on an MPEG video, it prompts me to either Save the file or Cancel.  At the bottom, it reads "The file you are downloading cannot be opened by the default program.  It is either corrupted or it has an incorrect file type.  As a security precaution, it is recommended that you cancel the download."

The default program for WMV and MPEG is simply Windows Media Player.  I assume I'm stepping on some Vista security thing.  How can I resolve so when I click the link, it opens the video in WMP?

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rvthostAuthor Commented:
Wow - took me awhile, but finally found the correct answer:

Open IE7 > Tools > Internet Options
Click on the "Programs" tab
Click on the "Set Programs" button
Click the "Set program access and computer defaults" link
Click the "Custom" option
Go down to the "Choose a default media player:" option and select "Windows Media Player"
Click the "Ok" button
Close "Default Programs" window
Click the "Ok" button on the "Internet Options" window
Brad GrouxSenior Manager (Wintel Engineering)Commented:
MPEG is an Apple/Quicktime format. To open an MPEG/MPEG4 file you are going to either download a video CODEC pack and/or install Apple's quicktime. If it is an MPEG4 you are trying to open it is probably compressed via DIVX so you may need to install that CODEC as well.
rvthostAuthor Commented:
If I opt to save the file to my local drive, I can open the file just fine and it plays in WMP.  I just can't from IE anymore.
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