Migrating outlook contacts from 1 language to another

I have a user moving from a German based laptop to an english based laptop.

His contacts in outlook 2003 are in German etc...
If i use the import / export option to create a csv file on the source German PC and then import at the destination english PC - not al contacts come across ....

Is there a different way to achieve this .. his contacts list is about 4000 objects.

Both PCS are

WinXP Pro SP2
Office 2003 Pro
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Try breaking the CSV file up in multiple files containing fewer than 1000 contacts each and import each file individually.
Any luck?
dolongaiAuthor Commented:
No that was not the solution.
I eventually created an excel copy of the German version then created an english copy in excel by using a web translator . using this method I was able to map all the fields across to the english version and then attach it to the users outlook client.
it was a bit of a work around but hey it fixed the issue

Thanks for the suggestion though

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