Accepting calender appointments on behalf of another user

We are using Exchange 2003 with Outlook 2003 for clients.  One of our directors has a personal assistant who currently has access to viewing his calender and requesting appointments on behalf of them.

Is there anyway we can ensure that the PA is able to also receive the directors appointments?  We do not want the PA to see all of their emails, just the incoming invitation requests.

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In tools>options>delegates you can select permissions and you can set everything up there.  
mbavisiAuthor Commented:
The delegates tab allows the PA to read appointments in the Directors calender.  However what the Director would like is if an appointment is send to his account that this is also forwarded t5o the PA so that she can accept the appointment on his behalf.

The delegates tab only allows you to grant permissions to read calender appointments NOT be sent the appointment request via email.  We dont want all emails to be forwarded ONLY the Appointment Requests
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