Backup exec 11 communications error preventing backup

backup exec 11D patched up with latest updates, running on win server 2003 SP2. 3 servers within same domain - remote agents on 2 of the servers. Have 2 logon accounts for backup exec - domain administrator and a backup administrator account. When I select resources off the server that has backup exec insttalled on and run test to check access I get "a communication error has occurred" message - yet it will test and connect to remote servers fine. If I change users for local server to backup user and then back to administrator it will test connect ok but does not keep connection - if I change selections or set to run scheduled then get communication error problem again - yet this is the server backup exec is actually installed on!
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Under which account is the "Backup Exec Remote Agent" service running on the server with Backup Exec installed - it should be LocalSystem.

Run netstat -ab from a command line and check what port the beremote.exe program is listening on. Normally it should be port 10000. Possbily something else is listening on port 10000.

You could put the "Backup Exec Remote Agent" on the server in debug mode ( and check the or post the logs for any clues.
DId this work previously ?

What has changed ?

Did you read the BE Docs on how to properly set up the accounts for doing backups ?

You may need to also check te access on the remote agents, user context.

Some MS patches apparently affect security.
Did you contact Veritas ?

I hope this helps !
cmdownAuthor Commented:
Thanks for posts - still no joy at the moment. Do not have support contract with veritas - have posted to forums there.
Local system account is set to run backup exec remote agent.Have run netstat - beremote is on port 10000 - can't see anything else on there.
Tried changing logon accounts and adding new accounts - all have same problem.
When you test selections the selections below the server name e.g. c drive e drive report as test ok - it is next to the server name itself you get "a communications error has occurred".
Have put remote agent in debug mode - nothing obvious in there - could post logs.
May have to try a complete reinstall?
Thanks mark
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cmdownAuthor Commented:
Have tried reinstalling agents - no luck.
BE hangs when tries to access remote agent
Have you tried running the Backup Exec GUI under another profile (i.e. logged on as a different user).

You say you've changed and added logon accounts. Have you also tried chaning the service account to another one?
cmdownAuthor Commented:
We were unable to resolve this problem. However you assistance has been much appreciated.  Recommend  question be closed but not deleted as honmapog's comments re BUExec may assist others.
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