FMP9/Vista container recording

using Vista and FMP9, I'm wanting to allow teachers to record sound bites into container fields in student records, when playing with this I get 30sec very poor recordings,  but If I hit my same file from my Mac Ibook, or if I hit the same file from an XP machine, I get 60 sec recordings and clear sharp playback,   so can you tell me is this a filemaker/ vista compatibility problem.
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It a problem with the vista multimedia device scheduler see this >>
fm is using the internal record facility from windows, and this has always been very bad to me.
if your xp machine is better, it probably has a sound recording driver which is a different make, shipped with its sound card if any.... I have an xp machine, and it is a very poor quality. and the fm sound quality is even worst than the basic recorder shipped in windows for years. they probably don't bother using the right parameters, or use parameters to keep the file size very small?
how is a sound recorded on a mac and listened on the vista machine? better I guess?
when I do this (record with an external tool), then store the wav or mp3 or whatever in fm, the quality is good. so to me it is definitly a fm recording problem, not vista. make sure yr vista machine is recording better, maybe only playing is better...
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sconiAuthor Commented:
can you tell me where  the sound recording would be stored on a fmp server , and do you think I could record into something, like adobe premiere, or movie maker then drag and drop my audio into a fmp container with better results?
the recording app should be on the client machine.
try first with the little windows recorder, it only makes .wav, but that's enough for a test, their quality is 44k, 16bit, so fair enough.
afterwards, there are plenty of utility which can produce various formats.
I use audiograbber, but this is for music, and a bit complex to just record a conversation...
yes, you can record any format (mp3 prefered), and drag the file in a container; double click will launch the ext app to listen to it (the one which is assoc to .mp3).
winamp is one of the quickest to launch, a lot more than wmp for instance.
and the result will be good quality. I can send you a file for a test if you like, recorded with a simple headset I use for skype (telephone quality in fact, but still very usable)
sconiAuthor Commented:
where will I find the recordings are they in the client filemaker folder, and how are they saved .??? (ext)

I would like to hear your file, do you still have my email or what do you need
the recordings would be saved where you want, this is manual, then you would drop them in the dababase.
afterwards, you could delete the original file.
be care if you intend to keep a lot as filemaker is nto very good at keeping big media files, it slows down a lot.
in this case, better keep the recordings on a server volume, and store "link only". but this is incompatible with drag & drop method, you have in import the file with the dialog box.
yr email? did I have it already? sorry if I had it... unless yr mail has nothing to see with yr pseudo here...
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