How to grand Select access to all the schema tables that a database have to a user?

ORACLE Database
I need to find the way to grant SELECT access to all the tables that differents schemas have on a Database.
Ex:    Database name   ACCOUNTING   contains 3 different schemas A, B and C

How to grant the user MICHAELM select access to the tables on this 3 schemas for the ACCOUNTING database. Of course without using Enterprise Manager Console.
I need a SQL to do that due the amount of tables that every schema has.

I guess is something like that but I really don't know how to user the command

GRANT SELECT ON <schema>.* TO <user>;

Thank you.
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johnsoneSenior Oracle DBACommented:
If you are trying to do all tables in the database then the SELECT ANY TABLE privilege may accomplish what you are looking for.
connect to user, which has access to tables of users A, B, C - it has to be granted with grant option on theese tables, or DBA.
if you cannot log as such user, connect as A, then B, then C and run
  cursor  c_x is
    select table_name from all_tables where owner in ('A','B','C');
  for r_x in c_x loop
    execute immediate 'grant select on '||r_x.table_name||' to michaelm';
  end loop;
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