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There is a problem with this Windows Installer package.  A program required for this install to complete could not be run.  Contact your support personnel or package vandor.

Last Modified: 2013-12-07
Hello -

I have a problem re-installing iTunes and QuickTime on my Dell Windows Vista Home Premium 32-bit computer.   I am beginning to think it is a Windows Installer issue and not a specific iTunes issue.

This is my exact message - note NO numerical Error Codes included:

                            There is a problem with this Windows Installer package. A program required for this  install to complete could not be run. Contact your support personnel or package vendor.

Other similar problems to this that I've seen from Google searches have numerical error codes or different wording. I have not been able to find my exact error message.  

My computer is fine except for this but I had a ton of problems leading up to this.  The Windows Installer error is the last thing I need to fix.  Here are the issues that happened leading up to the Windows Installer issue.

MHP C5180 All-in-One printer had unexpectedly uninstalled itself.  I reinstalled it but found that I had 2 C5180's in my Printer folder, one was called (Copy 1).  (Copy 1) worked so I deleted (not uninstalled) the original.  That led to more problems.

I was getting Exception Processing Message 0xc000013 with Parameters in popup dialog boxes.  

I was getting BlueScreen of Death crashes.  Stop C0000013 {nodisk} There is no disk in the drive \Device\Harddisk1\DR7  Collecting for crash dump... Initializing disk for crash dump...  I was unable to ShutDown or Restart successfully.  I had to use the power button to shut off, turn back on and choose Start Windows Normally.

So a Google search seemed to point to a conflict in drive letters and I found out that my printer's card reader was now Drive G (it used to be Drive H) and my external hard drive was now Drive H (it used to be Drive G).  

Then I found that iTunes and QuickTime had also uninstalled themselves and I had to manually delete as many iTunes and QuickTime folders, shortcuts, etc that I could find since they were not in the Add/Remove Programs list so I couldn't do a proper Uninstall.  I also did a complete uninstall and reinstall of my printer.  I emptied the Recycle Bin, Restarted, Shut Down etc many times to be sure as many remnants of iTunes and QuickTime were gone as possible.

So the last thing to do is to re-install iTunes and QuickTime but I am getting this error message.  The computer is fine now otherwise.

My questions -

1) should I rename the printer card reader drive and the external drive back to their original letters or should they be ok as is?

2) Does the registry have remnants of the original iTunes and QuickTime still there since I couldnt do a proper Uninstall the first time?  Would that keep a new iTunes/QuickTime from installing?  How would I find out?  How would I know which to delete?

Can anyone please help me?  I have a 16-year old daughter that can't live without iTunes  :-)  but neither can I because I just got an iPhone.

Thank you!

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Brad GrouxSenior Manager (Wintel Engineering)

You didn't mention that you have Vista completely up to date so let's start there, if you aren't up to date run Windows update and get all of the latest patches. Also, visit Dell.com and download all of the latest Windows Vista drivers for your computer, you can search by model number and/or service tag... I know it sounds silly but the main problems with Vista can almost all be pointed back to the lack of proper driver support from hardware makers at launch of Vista and after the first few months of release. If you are all the way up to date move on...

Are you using the latest version of iTunes? iTunes does work with Windows Vista 32-bit so there should be no problems if you have the latest version... again, I'm assume you do just making sure to mention it. Try installing iTunes again and see what happens. If it doesn't work then restart and try installing iTunes to a different location. For instance if you are installing it in C:\Program Files\Apple\iTunes then try installing it to C:\Program Files\iTunes... this will make your registry have to point to a new area for the application, so any corrupt information or keys probably won't effect the new install.

My personal opinion seeing as you've had many errors to deal with I would use the provided Dell system restore disk to format and start from scratch. It may take you a few extra hours now but it will definitely save you more time down the road. When you start getting rogue blue screens and having to hack the registry and fool around and make changes that you wouldn't normally do most of the time it is faster to just start from scratch.

If you do end up restoring obviously make sure to backup all of your data first as well as exporting various data like your internet favorites and Outlook personal folders. Restore from the CD, update all of your system's drivers from the latest releases at Dell.com (including your printer), run all Windows Vista updates and then start installing your programs. Again, I know this sounds like a pain but seeing as you've had multiple issues taking the time out to do this now can and will save you hours and days of frustration down the road.


Thank you for your comment.  

I will doublecheck on the Windows Vista updates but I do have my system set to automatically download and install them.

I was also using (and trying to download) the latest versions of iTunes.  I know you don't know me but keeping up with updates, running spyware and antivirus scans and other maintenance is something I pay attention to very well.

I totally understand your suggestion to wipe my hard drive.  I am really trying to make that my very last resort.  Plus I have other qualms like my Norton came with my computer as a trial and I paid for a subscription so I don't have the CD and about a week after I bought the computer back in February I upgraded to Vista Home Premium - I wouldn't want to have to pay for both of these again.  But it's the time and the stress that really makes me want to stay away from this.  I don't think my nerves could handle a complete restore and reformat.

I am intrigued by your suggestion to try to install iTunes to a different location, but it used to be on the G drive (the external drive) and now I am trying to re-install it to the H drive which is what the external drive is now so I am trying to put it in a different place.  I may try putting it on the C drive.

In searching the Apple website I came upon a suggestion to use Windows Installer Cleanup Utility from Microsoft.  Do you think something like that might work?

Thank you for your response.
Brad GrouxSenior Manager (Wintel Engineering)

You can try using the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility, it is worth a shot.

The problem seems to arise from the fact that you had iTunes installed on an external device, it is NEVER a wise option to install software on hard drives that may or may not be connected to the PC at all times and keeping the same drive lettrs. Everytime the PC is started it scans the registry and it also actively scans the registry while your computer is turned on. As you've come to realize, when you install an application there are quite a few entries written through the registry for even one application installation so removing that external hard drive and/or adding another device such as your printer that made the drive letters change is exactly the reason to never install an application on an external drive. Your registry is pointing to an iTunes installation on your G: Drive that is no longer there which causes multiple conflicts with the multiple registry entries across multiple devices when you throw your printer's card reader into the mix.

Again, I'd suggest strongly to re-image the machine. You paid for Vista Home Premium Upgrade, which is still yours you will not have to pay again... you paid for an update license which is legally yours for the life of your PC. Calling Microsoft's Support before you format to confirm this shouldn't be a problem. You should be able to use the system restore CD, call Microsoft and unlock the Home Premium upgrade and you're good to go. the same can be said for your Norton Anti-Virus, you own the product and are paying for the updates. Call their support before upgrading and ask them for the steps you need to take when formatting a machine, I imagine it is a lot easier than you'd think. They'll be happy to let you know the process as they want to keep you as a customer and keep you buying their virus definition updates.

You saying that you had software installed on an external drive is pretty scary from a system stability standpoint. As I mentioned before, starting from scratch is going to be your best bet. You have no way of knowing just how much damage has been caused to your Windows install and can't really ever know... but I'll bet you're either going to keep experiencing errors down the line and/or have severe performance issues because your registry has some dead entries... especially if you reinstall iTunes which you obviously have to do. Reinstalling iTunes to your C: drive should fix your current issues, but it may make more arise down the road.


Thank you for your response.

I will try the Installer Cleanup Utility and try to re-install iTunes on the C drive.  I originally installed it on the external drive because we thought it would be safer there - like if anything happened to the computer.

What do you think about programs that clean your registry of remnant files?  Are there any that you think are tried and true - to be trusted?

Can you tell I am absolutely PETRIFIED to wipe my hard drive?  ;-)  But in all seriousness, if all else fails I will reformat the computer.
Senior Manager (Wintel Engineering)
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Thank you.

In my Googling, I found something that said to make sure that Windows Installer is enabled in Services.  I looked in Services and Windows Installer is not even listed.  

I also read that Windows Installer 4.0 that comes with Vista is not available to download anywhere in case I need it.

Do you know if I can get a copy of Vista's Windows Installer somewhere?

I'm going to keep working on this now - thank you for your response.


iTunes is installed!!!!!!!!!!  I still have an issue with a Vista firewall, so I still need some informaiton from you about that please.

If the solution was really this simple, I'll be mad but at least I learned something.  Let me tell you what happened.

I downloaded the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility to the Administrator login desktop and tried to run it.  It wouldn't let me run it - giving me the exact same Windows Installer error message that I got before while trying to install iTunes.  But this time it gave me an error message with details which basically said Permission Denied.  Then Vista gave me another popup dialog box which said Try Running as Administrator.

I thought it was good enough to be on the Administrator login and I never would have thought of this myself if Vista hadn't suggested it.  So I right-clicked on the Cleanup Utility and chose Run As Administrator and it installed perfectly.  But there was no iTunes or QuickTime listed in the program list so it really didn't help me other than give me a clue about how to install iTunes.

I also went into each user login and removed the Temp folder from the AppData folder as instructed in the iTunes knowledgebase article.

So I went back to iTunes and right-clicked on the setup.exe and chose Run As Administrator.  I installed it to my C drive this time and it works perfectly.  So the real issue was not choosing  Run As Administrator, although it's hard to tell if other things like removing the temp folders helped along the way.  At least I learned something.

I am stil having firewall issues when we go to buy a song from the iTunes store and the error message says:

We could not complete your iTunes request.  The network connection timed out.  Make sure your network settings are correct and active, then try again.

Apple's website says this can be a firewall issue where iTunes isn't allowed through.  But I checked the settings it suggests and they are all correct.

I am running Spybot Search and Destroy with Teatimer enabled, Norton Internet Security 2007 and whatever regular firewall comes with Vista.  I have not played with any firewall settings that I know of.

Where are different places in Vista that would have firewall-blocking attributes that I can try?

Thank you for your response.
Thanks to BradGroux, I was having a similiar problem in updating iTunes and Quicktime on a Windows XP machine, using the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility solved my problems.
I got this problem trying to update itunes.   The guidance was to uninstall a list of Apple products and then try again.  Apple Software Update would not uninstall - it gave the same error.

I googled the error extensively, and tired everything I found, finally coming to this page.  Nothing worked however, until I right-clicked Apple Software Update and clicked Repair.  It took a while to run but after it uninstalled successfully.

After that I started itunes install and it completed successfully

After all my trials, I suspect all I needed to do was repair that file and I'm posting this as an aid to any other vctims
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