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MMC/Active Directory Snap In (customized)

gilmanschool asked
Last Modified: 2012-06-27
I'm trying to create a customized snapin for certain users to be able to grant them access to change passwords for student accounts.  I have an old one that does this but it also shows them the entire active directory (although they can't do anything but change student passwords) which I don't want them to be able to see.  It's been ages since I even created a snap in and I can basically run MMC, add the users/groups snap in and thats as much as I can remember.
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I believe you're referring to 'Taskpad Views', once the snapin is added, go to the action menu and select 'New Taskpad View' and follow the wizard.  Once complete, set the console mode and name as you see fit and check the box to prevent changes.


I did that but how do you export that as an mmc file?  If i export it exports the entire directory tree, but with that taskpad view on the side.
If you're only interested in constraining what they see, then simply highlight the OU, select Action-->New Window from here.  Select the Window menu, select the original and close it down ... configure the options as I said before and save the console.


I can do that, but the user can still go to the Window menu and choose to view everything.
Not if you follow my earlier instructions more closely -

* select File --> Options --> Console mode = User mode, limited access, single window ... then decheck 'Allow the user to customize views' and check 'Do not save changes'


I swear that's what I did and when the mmc file is ran, you can simple go to "view" and select "users, groups and computers" as containers and that brings the entire AD view back.
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With the taskpad and the "new menu from here" plus the the view and removing the menus, I got it now.  thanks alot!

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