How to allow VPN access to the optional network

I have a Watchguard Firebox X500 with firmware 8.3 installed.

The LAN network is 172.18.19.x
I have set up a DMZ on the optional network with an address of 192.168.1.x

I have created a VPN policy for remote users.

The users can connect to the Local LAN via the VPN, but are unable to browse the DMZ (Optional network)

How can I get the remote users to be able to access both networks?????
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By default a user would be able to access only one subnet, to have access to optional network you would either need to configure VPN user as "Yes, force all internet traffic to flow through the tunnel (less flexible, more secure)" option; with this option all the user's traffic would come to WG even internet traffic [this might cause problem at user end that they might not be able to connect to intranet at all or might not be connected to internet for the duration they are connected to VPN]; OR specify the subnet of the optional network under "Identify the resources accesible through the tunnel" of VPN wizard.

Please note you might need to allow traffic from the trusted to optional network and vice-versa.

Please implement and update.
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