Backup/Restore of Sybase Database

In Sybase ASE 12.5.2, is it possible that a database backup can be split across 2 files? if so how can they be restored?
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grant300Connect With a Mentor Commented:
If you look at the doc for "dump database....", you will see that you can specify "stripe on" multiple times.  Each time points to a dump device, either implicit or explicit.  You are probably using implicit dump devices; that is you just specify the file name you want the dump to go to.

There is another option to do compression as well which can reduce your headaches if you are bumping up against a 2GB file size limitation or simply don't have enough disk space.

Finally, the "restore database" command allows you to specify multiple "from" files which is how you get the whole thing back into the database.

Dump Database doc is here:

There is also a great deal of information about backups and recovery procedures in the Admin manual, here:

SingnetsvcAuthor Commented:
Using load database with stripe parameters seems to have worked.
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