Dear Experts - Can anyone give the link of Best Laptop deal in the planet - My Budget <= $600.

Config :
Core Duo , 17" TFT, 2gb ram or above ,120 GBharddrive, dvd writer,laptop bag , windows xp or vista etc..
Dear Experts - Can anyone give the link of Best Laptop deal in the planet - My Budget < =$600.
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Try this: $500, leaving you $100 to buy something else:
All of that for for less that 600 is gonna be fun.

Try the Ebay or the Outlets that sell referbished machines.

Dell Outlet:


If you want a workhorse laptop for games and such, don't be cheap with the components.... it  will cost you more in the end.

Also, wait til we get closer to christmas, probably end of this month all of next month....thanksgiving weekend.... those are when the deals will be in full force to get the christmas sales up.   Almost all vendors will off big savings and package deals with bags and dvd writer upgrades. will give you a heads up on what stores will be offering on the friday afte thanksgiving, the biggest shopping day of the year.  Normally you can find great deals that day.

 - Brugh

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well I recently bought an Acer Aspire  off ebay for 599 including postage. 3 months later I am very very happy with it.
It's not as big as the one your looking for but I just wanted it  for when I was on holidays,
15 inch LCD with Arcade options  wireless / also needed card reader supports all usb  etc this was the one I ended up with just so you can see. Runs perfect as yet have not had one single problem.

All installed software contribute to the price what you can do for yourself saves money.

You'll need to really look for user opinions of laptops as many have heat issues LCD screen is damaged etc. the main area I looked for  is moble ati as these video cards have very little heat
Then you can look for OS xpsp1 as xpsp2 is free you install that
look for 99% postive tested battey pack is re-chargeable and has no problems. as you need it to be reliable,
You dont need to get a huge hdd you can add an external later
DVD writer yes
bag comes with free  just request it.
Take your time and you'll find one.
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