Terminal Server does not recognize client printer.

We have Terminal Server hosted by Windows 2003 R2.  When som eof our clients log in not all of theri pprinters are recognizedd/listed.  When i look into the Event Viewer i see the following message: Driver KONICA MINOLTA C352/C300 PS required for printer KONICA MINOLTA C352/C300 PS is unknown. Contact the administrator to install the driver before you log in again.
BUT i have infact installed the driver and we are still getting the same message.
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☠ MASQ ☠Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Does anyone else have the same printer attached locally (and can use it successfully) or will it work in an administrator account from the same client?  It does sound as if the installation on the server is at fault or as leew has posted the port has a non-standard naming system.
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e_vanheelConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you want a client attached printer to work on Citrix, you need to ensure that there is a driver available for that printer on the Citrix box.  Copier-printers are classic examples of the need to pre-install the drivers on Citrix since they are not part of the OS driver base.
esabetAuthor Commented:
Problem 1:Ok, as for one client, the one i mentioned in my original post with the Konica printer, i found out the driver on the server side had to be a PS driver as oppose to a PCL driver.  The driver i had installed orignally was a PCL drver and not a PS driver.  So i installed the PS driver.  After she logged on we could see the printer but when she tried to print, though the terminal server did not give an error message, the Konica printer displayed a message (on the printer itself): "error, deleting print job".

Problem 2: Same client has a HP Laserjet 1000.  As for taht printer, again we can see the printer listed when she loggs on but when she tries to print to it the server (terminal server) gives and an error that it can not print.
☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
Again do you have the USB driver on TS or the LPT one?
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