Veritas Backup Exec 10d - real time backup

We have a Windows 2003 server environment with 3 servers. One is a domain controller/exchenge, another is an SQL server, and the third is and image server. Can veritas backup exec 10d do real time backups of all three servers to a Network Attached Storage device?

What solutions are out there like sonic wall etc. We are a 9 provider health clinic, probably pretty small in the grand scheme of things and have about 300gb of data to backup. We would like to get away from tapes if it can be done for a reasonable cost.
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I do not believe BE can do any form or real time backup.  One option for a close to realtime backup is file replication technology.  One option in file replication is MS DFS 

You should not get away from tapes, you should purchase a tape autoloader that simplifies tape backup by having a terrabyte or more of available tapes online at any given time.  thus the need for swapping tapes is greatly reduced and the speed can be very reasonable.  look at the Exabyte or Dell offerings.  you should compliment tape backup with an appropriate form of RAID on your disk subsystem.  RAID1, 5, 10 are common.  If you really need high availability consider a SAN with VMWARE.
What do you mean by - Realtime - ?
You might want to look at something like Double ake

     Double-Take is the most widely deployed data replication software in the world!

To learn more about Double-Take from Sunbelt, please click here:

Veritas also may have similar offerings, but you need to contact them, or check their site.

I hope this helps !
comteksoAuthor Commented:
Thanks I have sent Sunbelt a request for some pricing info to see if it fits into our budget, but I think I am going to just upgrade one of the tape drive that I currently have.
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