Windows Media Player 11 does not detect burned CD-Rs, CD-RWs

I'm running Windows XP on an HP machine, it'g got Windows Media Player 11 installed;
The DVD - RW player works fine when running CDs (programs, games, music) or DVDs,
but DOES NOT DETECT THE ONES I HAVE BURNED, LIKE CD-Rs;; It does not show any message,
Is this a matter of video or audio codecs missing?, which ones?; there are hundreds of codecs
on the Internets and don't want to start downloading and installing by the dozen, until I fix the problem
Please help!
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Can you play any mp3s on your hard drive at all?
To put your mind at ease about audio codecs just download some other player (as suggested above).
This is just to test whether everything is ok with the files or not. You can also  try Winamp, Real Audio Player, or Media Player Classic.
By the way re this comment <DOES NOT DETECT THE ONES I HAVE BURNED, LIKE CD-Rs>
I took this to mean that you were burning audio CD, which are quite different to Mp3s.
When you open put your burned CD in Cd Rom and then opened in My Computer, how many KB or MB are used on CD
You didn't let XP do the CD-R burning did you?
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efrain12Author Commented:
You should first eliminate the most likely suspects, like the CD itself. Does it play in a regular CD player?
You didn't say how you burned it. Some software asks you to finalise the CD during the burning process. If they are not finalised they can't be played in regular CD players. If you didn't do this you can put the CD back in the drive, re-open the software and finalise it.
I agree with you about downloading all the codecs in the world. You os should be able to read Red Book Audio files, which are PCM files without downloading any codecs.
From the information you have supplied I would suspect that you either didn't finalise the CDs or that they are not burned correctly.
Also try playing them in some other software like I
Tunes, or Winamp or VLC player, or Media Player Classic.

efrain12Author Commented:
Thanks for the replies.
An update: I just tried to play songs on a flash drive, Windows Explorer show the format as
MP3 sound format; the size of files vary, showing several thousand KB's .
NONE OF THE SONGS IN THE FLASH DRIVE PLAY. Windows Media Player apparently open the audio files and "starts" playing, you can even see the indicator at the bottom moving as if it's playing.
and, it may be playing, but THERE IS JUST NO SOUND AT ALL !!
Agan, this unit ( the CD-ROM drive) is working perfectly with some other media, games, AUDIO CD'S from the store (NOT BURNED), etc.
I strongly suspect this is an issue for missing audio codecs??
Thanks for any additional help.

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