Dreamweaver Testing Server Errors

I can not use the testing server function in Dremweaver 8. I am using the developer edition of cold fusion mx and must access urls like so: http://localhost:8500. I have 2 sites set up as subdirectories under the root, c:\CFusionMX\wwwroot\

When I make the Testing Server entries:
 Server Model:                ColdFusion
 Access                          Local/Network
 Testing Server folder:   C:\CFusionMX\wwwroot\foo\
 URL Prefix:                    http://localhost:8500/foo/

Dreamwever is happy but when I go to set up a database, I am told that there is no testing server.

Any ideas?
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EE_AutoDeleterConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Because you have presented a solution to your own problem which may be helpful to future searches, this question is now PAQed and your points have been refunded.

jlemesur2112Author Commented:
I found the solution:

When ever I went to define, or use, a testing server in Dreamweaver 8, I recived the following error:
HTTP Error Code 404 File Not Found

It turns out that my browser was set to work off line. Once I unchecked that selection, I was able to use the Testing Server functionality of Dreamweaver.
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