Recommended limits for ConnectionTimeout and ScriptTimeout when using ASP

How long should I keep the session active when setting it in the global.asa?  20 minutes, 1 minutes, 60 minutes, etc?  Im just wondering if there are any industry standards or recommendations on ConnectionTimeout and ScriptTimeout.  Im on a small Windows 2003 Server, ASP-driven Intranet with about 300-400 users, max, and Id like to keep it running as smoothly as possible.  
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I wouldn't say there is an industry standard for this - I think it all depends on your application. If the users of the website will be using it regularly throughout the day - then set the Connection timeout a little longer. If they are only in and out every once and awhile - shorten it a little. We've left the the IIS defaults in place originally but when some of our clients complained about being kicked out too ofter - we increased it by 20 minutes or so.

I wouldn't change the ScriptTimeout though. If there is an error on a page (say and infinite loop) then the page is going to execute until the timeout is up - using up your resources.
Completely agree with flipz, it depends on your users and what they are doing.

soBCAuthor Commented:
Our users are mostly looking at data.  Perhaps 10 users are updating data.  The database is SQL Server Express.  

Right now, I've got the ConnectionTimeout at 5 (minutes) and the ScriptTimeout at 30 (seconds).  I think the idea was...close the sessions as soon as possible so that you dont bog things down with a lot of open sessions or open database connections.  But I dont know if shortening (or lengthening) the ConnectionTimeout would have any effect on performance or not.  Im basically guessing, but if it didnt matter then I'd increase the ConnectionTimeout to 20 or more.
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