How to disable ALT+X to unicode in MS Windows XP

In Windows XP, there seems to be a feature that if you press ALT+X, the character right before you press it converts to unicode.  For example, if i type "test" and press ALT+X, test changes to "tes0074."  In other words, the "t" changed to unicode.

is there a way to disable this option?  I use alt+X in MS Word for a macro, and this macro isn't working unless I press ALT+X after a space or at the beginning of a new line.

I need to find a way to disable ALT+X please.

Thank you!
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Actually, I lied.....

Inside Word>Tools>Customize>Keyboard
Under the Categories field, select Format, and on the right select ToggleCharacterCode

Reassign it a new shortcut key, and click Assign. Then Close and retry....
Pretty sure thats just a Word feature. Can you reassign the Macro another hotkey? I dont think you can assign the unicode shortcut....
had to go through all the hotkeysto find it, because I didnt even like my own answer that it wasnt possible.
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