How to setup my own IE Box?

I want to put my movies trailers on my machine and allow my friends to see which movies I have. I'll looking to some how make this accessable from the web. I know this will be manyparts to this question becuse I don't know much about it so I will need step by step help. The points will be high so if some one can help me get started on this.  my machine has xp pro on it.
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Brad GrouxSenior Manager (Wintel Engineering)Commented:
You will first need to get the web page set up on your system and decide how to make it accessible to your friends via the internet. Your first step would be to install IIS (Internet Information Services) on your computer. IIS is the backbone to Windows based web servers.

Once you have IIS installed you will need to create and configure your website.

Next you need to figure out how they are going to access your page. I imagine you have a high speed internet connection at home? If you have standard cable or DSL then you will need to either pay extra money per month for a static IP address or download, install and use a Dynamic DNS solution such as DynDNS (dynamic IP means it is an IP that changes). If you don't pay for a static up DynDNS allows you to create a hostname that points to your dynamic IP or static IP address or URL/Hostname... DynDNS updates automatically every time your internet IP changes. If your internet connection plugs into a home/wireless router you will have to configure that as well to be compatible with dyndns, see their support documents for further details.

After that it is up to you. Depending on how difficult or easy you want to make it on your friends to browse your movies and how pretty you want to make it is all up to you. You can make it where your list auto updates using a web programming language like .NET or you can simply update a HTML file every time you add movies.
Need a public address for peeps to connect to.  You can use a freedns type deal so that you don't have to give your friends an IP address. is one that i use but there are plenty of places that can help you out.

You need to setup some sort of webserver service on you machine.
Windows XP Pro has built in IIS..

Then you need to forward traffic on a certain port through your firewall to your PC. (assuming you are behind a firewall or router)  Most likely you will use port 80.  Keep in mind that this is a security issue so you want to make sure you run anti-virus and spyware apps as well as keeping an eye on Firwall traffic.

Once all 3 of those pieces are in place, you can simply give your friends your IP or domain name and they will be able to connect.

 - Brugh

BrughCommented: will help you configure your router/firewall to forward traffic on port 80 to your machine.
cdb424ttmAuthor Commented:
Thank you both for the help this is enough for me to get started I am sure I will have more questions so keep watch..
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