Cisco Switch Access Options - Locked Out - I think

Okay...  Hold back the laughs and the snickers.  I was configuring a Cisco 4510 remotely when I lost connection.  The config was not finished and once I attempet to get back into the switch an hour later, i was locked.

I was entering commands to point all authentication at a radius server. I was disconnected after typing that in.  At this point, I get the following when trying to telnet or console into the switch:

% Authentication failed.

Connection to host lost.

Is there any other way to get into the swtich that I am not aware of?  AUX port?  SSH was never configured.  If not, what would you do to get back.  I have a copy of the config from my previous edit that I can use, but that would require me to bring down the switch to reset.

Thanks in advance...  Remember, no laughing.  You only make the mistake once.  ( I had another telnet session open in case auth failed, but i lost complete inet connection from my remote site.  
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How about the console port?
if you can't get in at the console, you will probably have to bounce the switch in order to use the recovery mode to blow away your config and reload the one you have saved.
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Don JohnstonInstructorCommented:
This stuff happens... especially when doing things remotely.

Since it sounds like you lost the connection while you were still configuring, all you need to do is power-cycle the switch. It will come up with the saved config.

Hexzero1Author Commented:

And if I wrote to mem before I lost connection...  Because that is a possibilty.  I will have to set the 4510 back to factory and copy the config in I guess.

Bummer for me...
Don JohnstonInstructorCommented:

After you get back in to privileged mode (bypassing the config), just copy the startup-config to running-config. Then you can fix the part of the configuration that's locking you out.
Hexzero1Author Commented:
I appreciate your help...

I will give that a go when I can schedule a couple minutes.  Do you happen to have a link that is specific to the 4500 series for password recovery...  I have done this on a 3750 before, and I am guessing the process is the same, but I do not want to assume anything at this point.

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