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Just in  the process of a company merger, CompanyA uses public folders within Exchange 2003 extensively(about 200 in the root). Equally CompanyB uses public folders in a slightly more structured mannor with the root only having a dozen or so top level folders.

This is a merger betweeen 2 exchange organisations, there is a trust domain in place and the user and computer migration is all but complete, the exchange mailboxes have been migrated sucessfully.

Do I need to follow the guide "Inter-Organization Replication Tool" from Microsoft.?
What happens if I just export the PF structure to pst and re import, (I accept the the free/busy stuff will break)
DO I really need to create the identiacal folder structure in the target to start replicating too.?

Not really sure what which is the best way to proceed on this one. :(
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Matthew MillersCommented:

The transaction log increase is  normal for any import operation, the writes first occur on to the logs and they are then committed to the database. As you say, running a normal/full backup of the DB should delete any committed log files.

Matthew MillersCommented:
Either should work ok, but the interorg tool would give you a more complete solution allowing free/busy and egular replication of the content.
mf_readAuthor Commented:

Thanks for the reply, I was wrong about the number of root folders, I've count between 6 and 7 hundred!!
Anyway, I've exported about 5.3GB to PST as I really need to get a remote site access to some project data via Public folders. I do plan to try the Microsoft tool mention in my first posting.
Question, I'm importing large amount of PST data into the Public folders and the Exchange Transaction logs have increased by about 20GB due to the log files. I've done a full backup which has removed the unneeded log files and I've restrted the import as it ran of of space due to the log file increase.

Is that normal?
mf_readAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your help Mattee76  - Mike :)
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