Who makes a Dual Quad Core CPU Motherboard?

I am wanting to build a PC with dual quad core CPU's. I would like to use the Intel QC Extreme CPU's for this, as the AMD CPU's are showing poor performance against these. What I would like to know is if there is a MB manufacture that makes such a product. I checked on the intel site, but couldnt find anything.


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cuziyqConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Unfortunately, you cannot use Core 2 processors on a dualie motherboard.  Intel has made it clear that the Core 2 is a workstation CPU and not a server CPU.  The only dualie boards for intel processors are for Xeons.  Xeon CPU's are really just Core 2's at heart, but they have special RAM and power requirements that will make the cost of such a system baloon.  Also, with such a dualie board, overclocking (or even increasing the FSB speed while lowering the multiplier) is out the window as none of them support it.  There is no Xeon Extreme.
Many to choose from. Asus, ABIT, MSI, etc. what vendor you like?
skca54Senior EngineerCommented:
You would only be able to do it with a server board and Quad core Xeon CPUs
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Gary CaseConnect With a Mentor RetiredCommented:
Punky ==> the questioner clearly said he wants "... dual quad core CPU's "

In case you didn't understand that, it means TWO CPU's :-)

As cuziyq noted, there are plenty of dual-Zeon boards that will meet this requirement.   They DO use buffered RAM ... which is much better (but also more expensive) than the unbuffered RAM used in almost all desktop boards.   But if you want dual quad-core CPU's and a LOT of RAM, you'd want the higher reliability and greater capacity of buffered RAM anyway !!
The reason you couldn't find one is because they don't exist. If you want to run 2 quad core processors you'll wont be able to use Intel's core 2 QX series you'll have to use Intels socket 771 quad core xeons(e53xx and x53xx series). The Xeons are just as fast if not faster than the core 2's and the same clock speed.
Dual 771 motherboards
Quad core Xeons
I noticed that Gary :o) so I input the Tyan link.
Brad, just out of curiosity, what were you thinking about using this pc for? Gaming etc? Another guy at my office was thinking of building a pc version of the MAC PRO, using a 2 CPU motherboard with the plan to do HD video editing in the background while doing other work. He called one of the high end ultra gamer pc companies for their input. The sales rep said (and I have no knowledge of this one way or the other) that the Xenon processors have a math-check or data-check feature built in. Thus when one of their techies tried this installation for gaming, it played no faster than using a single QX chip because at each step of the game, the chip is checking its calculation.  Please let us know if you learn more.
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