SmartFilter not connection to Cisco Pix Firewall.

I have downloaded the 30 day trial of SmartFilter from to see how it works. I installed it ok, or I thought. Then when it came time to view the data that it was collecting there was nothing there.

My Config:
Server with Smart Filter Installed:
Cisco Pix Firewall:
Smartfilter Plugin: IFP - (others are default)

Does anyone have experiance with this? I tried calling Secure Computing and they said that once I downloaded the internet database that data would start to go through. But still I get nothing.
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lrmooreConnect With a Mentor Commented:
"no" in front of almost any command will remove it..

no url-server inside host
carrie_95843Author Commented:
Ok, I was adding the url-server to the pix firewall. but after I ran the command, I noticed that I ran the command for websense and not n2h2. Is there any way to run a command that will let me remove the url-server that I already put in?
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carrie_95843Author Commented:
Ok, I added that in, but I'm still waiting for data to start getting colected. I am going to restart the server tonight once everyone has gone home. and see if that works. I will let you know tomorrow.
carrie_95843Author Commented:
After a long time of searching, it looks like the Cisco PIX 501 with firmware 6.3 is not compatible with smart filter. I think they took the support out. of the PIX.
carrie_95843Author Commented:
Thank you lrmoore for your help. We are not going to use this product anymore. Thank you anyway.
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