User Profiles under Windows XP, copy from existing account to a different account.

Ok, got another one for you guys. Working on a domain with Small Business Server and a windows xp pro client. I set up a new user on the domain, all that went fine. Installed all the apps, configure Outlook to work with bot e-mail accounts. Everything went perfect and I was finished so I rebooted one last time. When I went to login in though, I noticed a problem. I was logging in to the domain on this computer under the wrong account. So, my question, I have a directory under Documents and Settings called Lorraine and I need to copy all these settings to the Liz directory. Now, I tried to do that under System Properties and Advanced tab, copy user profile to another profile, but it tells me it can't delete NTUSER.dat. Delete that directory and try again, yet if I delete the directory its not there for me to copy the Lorraine directory to. So, hod can I accomplish this (BTW, Liz logs into the domain as well as lorraine) on the local machine, move all the contents of the Lorraine user profile to the Liz user profile without re-setting up everything?

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Brian PiercePhotographerCommented:
You can copy profiles from/to existing accounts.

First you need to log on as a user with local admin privilages, that is neither the account you want to copy from or copy to. Its then generally a good idea to go to the Control Panel, and in Administrative tools, Folder Options, on the View Option make sure that the option to Show Hidden Files and Folders is selected. It is also a good idea to make sure that the Hide Extensions for known file types is NOT selected so you can identify files more easily later on.

Then exit the control panel. Right click on My Computer and select Properties, Advanced, and click on SETTINGS under User profiles. Select the source profile and then COPY TO another user option. Copy the existing profile to C:\Documents and Settings\Username (where username is the target account), making sure that you change the 'Permitted to use' option to 'Everyone' so that the new users will have the necessary permissions on the profile. Confirm the action replacing the existing profile when prompted.

You can use the same method to copy a profile to "default user" to which is then copied to all new users the first time they log on.
Even if you do copy an account to another folder, the domain will see the difference between a local profile and a domain one.  If you set up eveyrthing as the local account, and then copy it to another folder called USER, when you log on with that user name, XP will see that it's a local profile and make a new one called USER.DOMAIN, thus not migrating all of the studd you set up.

The best way to do this is with the User State Migration Tool provided by Microsoft.
This allows you to copy user profiles from one PC to another, or migrate accounts between domains.  It should work for you.
I have followed the above steps , the list box displays all the my current profiles from my new domain, but all profiles from my old domain are labeled as Account unknown. What is the reason for this?

My old domain was called Melb and my new domain is called VIC. When I transfered a PC to the new domain and copied the contents of the old profile to the new profile, many application like outlook stopped working.  I  don't know if it was my procedure of adding a new PC to a domain or what.

My procedure was to change the PC to the new domain, login as the new person. copy the persons profile from the Melb domain to the VIC domain. Once I copied the user profile across, certain Microsoft applications stopped working. Is there any reason for this?  Can anyone give me a better solution for copying user profiles across different domains.
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