Email addresses not "visible" after import into MS Echange / Outlook 2003 Contacts list

I have Windows SBS 2003 running Exhange 2003 SP2 with Outlook 2003 clients on Windows XP. I'm trying to create an address book with over 1000 contacts, to share with my co-workers. I added one contact manually via Outlook, and then exported the data to an Excel file to have a look at the file structure. I replicated that structure in an Access database, populated it with all the address info, and then imported it back again via Outlook.

All the information show up nicely on the contacts cards (in all of the views), except the email address-related stuff. As far as I can tell, these should be:

- EmailAddress
- EmailType
- EmailDisplayName

Any ideas why this doesn't work? Much obliged...
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Computer101Connect With a Mentor Commented:
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Have you tried eliminating the Access step and using Excel only for the process?  Outlook will natively import from Excel as well.  Just a thought.
cfceesAuthor Commented:
Thx Modern Age. I used Access to do some data cleaning, like searching and replacing within certain columns only. I also find it more usefull when sorting.

I have already found the answer, though. For some strange reason, Outlook maps all of the fields "automagically" EXCEPT the mail-related ones. When I used the import wizard again, this time checking and manually adding the mail-mapping, everything worked fine.

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ModernAgeCommented:'d think it would be smart enough to know what an email address is...lmao.
cfceesAuthor Commented:
Hello Venabili,
As you can see from my comment on ModernAge's initial response, I answered the question myself.
And that is what the recommendation says: Save the question in the database and return the points to the Asker
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