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Network Nightmare

Hello all,

I have a Belkin Router (FSD5231-d).  This is connected to a Wireless access point - LinkSys WAP11 Ver 2.6.  I can access the Belin router by connecting to it via my laptop(wirelessly of course) by typing  This comes up with the standard Belkin setup screen.  This setup will allow me to use the slingbox and watch tv (which is connected to the belkin Router (FSD5231-d).  HUNKY DORY.

I also have a Belkin N1 Wireless router (f5d8231-4).  This is connected to the internet.  I can also access this via my laptop by typing  Once again showing me the basic Belkin login screen.  This connection allows me to browse the internet.  HUNKY DORY.

So, so far I seem pretty hunky dory :)  However, these wireless connections are two separate connections and I am only able to be connected to one at any given time.  This is pootang for two reasons:

1)  I can't browse the internet while watching tv on the slingbox
2)  I can't setup my slingbox for remote access

Is there any way I can get this setup to achieve my goals of solving the two issues above.

ANY help would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks in advance, ALan.
1 Solution
Is their a geographical reason for not being able to add your slingbox to the belkin n1 router?
ammo12kmfAuthor Commented:
The sky box and slingbox are upstairs in the bedroom.  The internet connection is downstiars hence the awkward setup :)
Reid PalmeiraTelecom EngineerCommented:
The cheap and easy solution is to get a second wireless card for your laptop. Even that's not really ideal but it'll work and it's easy to setup.

there are some other options, running a cable, bridging the two networks, double NAT the slingbox network behind the belkin, depends on whether you want to hassle with physically pulling a cable or hassle with configuration
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ammo12kmfAuthor Commented:
ok, i appreciate the help given so far.  I understand that I can have a wire going around the house.  I understand i can get those plug network things and get it working.  I just cant believe I cant point the linksys wap 11 to the other wireless router in an easy fashion.


Having a seconde wireless card for the laptop would not resolve the issue as it means the slingbox would not be connected to the router whiich has internet access and therefore no remote access can happen.

Any ideas on the wireless configuration would be appreciated. Alan.
the things you can do are:

- move the upstairs box to downstairs
- get a very very long LAN cable to connect them both
ammo12kmfAuthor Commented:

Are you being genuine?
ammo12kmfAuthor Commented:

didn't mean that in an awkward manner, its just that I have stated that I understand that is an option but thought there must be some other option wirelessy with the connections available.
If  I understand the issue, there is no way to use your existing hardware to do what you want. I have run into this before. What you need to do is get a Wireless BRIDGE that will connect the one to the other. There is at least one model I am aware of from Linksys. They are not inexpensive however. So if I completely understand, it would look like this:

Belkin N1 Downstairs with Internet
Linksys WET54G (I think) physically connected upstairs to the Slingbox and configured to connect to the Wireless N1.
You then connect your laptop to the N1 and should be able to see both. I
I am not super familiar with slingboxes so I am not certain if you have have the router or if the slingbox will accept an IP via the N1, but I am resonably certain this config will work, as I have seen it with game consoles etc.


Please post if you can do this, otherwise, let me know if you need more direction. Thanks!
ammo12kmfAuthor Commented:
Many thanks for your assistance ;)

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