Why wont my PC run some of my programs? What do I need to do to fix it?

Over a period of a few months, I have been experiencing a problem gettng my PC to run some programs that are already installed, and this is increasing with frequency.  Most recently I have downloaded programs such as GSAK, Cachestats,  and then registry fix, and trojan hunter to try and fix the problem, but whilst I can download the programes, when I double click on the exe files, the computer "thinks" for a few seconds, and then ignores the command.  I also use AdAware SE Plus, and whilst it loads on start up - it then disappears, and when I double click on the icon, it will not open.
I was receiving a few system errors such as system32 giljimgo.dll, and Inseeeqty.dll on startup, but I have used system restore to its maximum time restoration (about 3 months) and these seem to have disappeared for the moment - but the problems persist - I am now just getting the runtime error message which I have described.  Can anyone help me?
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This might sound crazy but have you tried creating a new user account and see if it will run the programs.  I have had that happened and could not figure out why it would not open programs but the new profile worked like a charm.
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Thanks tkfast - I think you may be on to something here.  I have three user accounts for different members of the family - so I opened up a different one and tried to run some of the problem programs, and they ran - once!  I managed to run AdAware and a registry fix program - I am still getting a variety of error messages on start up, but at least I've been able to clean up a few other bugs.  But once these programs had run - I couldn't run them again.  Switched to another user profile - and they would run once again.  I also thought about the fact that sometimes when loading my user profile desktop- it doesn''t load  - just freezes, and the fact that in MSN explorer,  I have lost all the formatting on my "favourites" menu.  I thought this was just a corrupt file on my pc as I still had all the correct formatting if I opened it from other pcs - but this time I tried to open msn explorer under my name but in my daughters user profile.  And guess what - formatting all normal - so I guess the file thats corrupt is not the general pc one, but something to do with my profile.  I don't think a new profile is going to help, as the other ones experience the same problem once used - but it certainly adds more information to my issues.
You might want to run HijackThis it is a TrendMicro tool that checks programs that are starting on boot, be careful with it but it might help you clean up some of the mess you might also run msconfig and check the startup tab it is easy to uncheck things and you can always recheck them if you notice you need them.  Hijack this well, once you remove a entry that a program uses you will have to reinstall the program.  Spyware what a great thing.  Adaware is a good tool but it does not fix everything you might also try SpyBot Search and Distroy it is helpful as well.  



http://screenshots.leeindy.com/msconfig_general.shtml    (click start run, msconfig,  This is a built in tool you want to look at the startup tab, this link has a screen shot of the program)

what anti virus are you using? is it up to date?
you can also run this :  
http://housecall.trendmicro.com/                                                               online scan for trojans

but if it is too badly infected, i would prefer a fresh install
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