Need to search web folder for all pages that contain an IP Adress

Hello, I am in a bind.

All of my Virtual IP addresses are changing and I have about 15-20 sites that call other domains by IP Address in a web folder of about 100 sites.  

I need to search for any page that contains an IP Address.  

I know that some start w/ "207." so I searched for them and found them, but I want to find all IP Addresses.  I'm not sure on syntax or if it's possible (1-9^.1-999^.1-99^) <-- I just made that up as an example of what I'd like to search for.

Is there a way to do this with Dreamweaver or another program?  

Any help would be MUCH appreciated.  Thank you.
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James MontgomeryCommented:
Assuming you can open this folder in explorer I would just use the search facility. [look at search features]

Screen shot:

Think of a find and replace function on steriods, that's the best I can describe it. So long as it can see this web folder you can run a search on the old string, review then run a find and replace with the new one.
James MontgomeryCommented:
Not a macromedia person but ultraedit has a very power file search capability.

Just point it at a directory structure and it comes back with the results.
smoothcat11Author Commented:
if I did install and run ultra edit.  Is there a way to check for IP Addresses?  If so how would I do it?  Thanks for your time.
Mark GilbertSenior Performance EngineerCommented:
Hi.  If you setup a new site in DW and point it to the root of all your sites with the hard coded IP addresses in, simply use the find utility (CTRL+F) and type in the first IP address you are aware of and then click find all.  This will then give you a list of every matched file.  As you said there are 20, I don't see any major issues with you searching for each one.  Once you have identified the specific strings, using the same tool you can then multiple search and replace and that will recursively go through every file and do the changes.  Hope this helps.
Mark GilbertSenior Performance EngineerCommented:
Oh, hadn't seen the mention of 100 or so sites.  
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